Brendan Transportation

About Us

Brendan Transportation is proud to be the select few private driver services in Kuala Lumpur offering quality drivers and vehicle rental.

About us

We make sure that your every trip is safe and comfortable

Prioritizing safety and comfort for our drivers and passengers, ensuring passengers arrives securely and smoothly at your destination. 

Why Choose Us

Explore our reliable transport and tour service.

Our drivers are reliable, safe and trustworthy. We have high requirements for our drivers and undergo scrutinous vetting process. Punctuality is very important, especially when you already have made plans and a flight to catch. In our industry, driver being late is never acceptable. 

Our prices are reasonably priced and fair for both us and passengers. Bookings can be made at an instance, with quick response from us. We have over 100+ vehicles available ranging from a basic sedan to luxury vehicles and buses.


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